Cookie Policy

Bitcoin Evolution uses "cookies." They allow us to customise your history on our website and app, gauge our content’s productivity, and give us intuition on how to develop our product.

We are thankful for your trust in us over securing your privacy by handling your data. This cookie policy summarises our cookie collection pattern.

You are supposed to read, assimilate and agree to this policy for seamless use of Bitcoin Evolution. The Cookie Policy outlines how we accumulate this data, how we operate it, and how it influences your experience with us.

There will be switchable use of multiple terms like "our," "we," "us" instead of our website, and we regard our users as "you."

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files like letters and numbers stored on your device by your web browser while surfing through a website.

They are used to websites work more proficiently, as they supply helpful information to the website owners, such as which pages you find beneficial.

Data saved in a cookie is generated by the server as soon as you connect. The data is a peculiar ID that represents you as a user. Whenever you visit us, our website will recognise you and customise the information you see to suit your needs.

Our cookies do not give us more access to your personal information than the data you decide to share with us. Your web browser deletes each session cookies when it ends. Cookies are used on our site to sustain usability.

Cookies improve your web browsing experience by making it hitch-free. We permit the deployment of third-party cookies from accredited parties that we work in tandem with service delivery.

Continuous use of our services is an insinuated consensus on your part that you have reviewed our cookie policy and are satisfied.

You shall have the right to accept or refuse the use of our cookies. Refusing our cookies might prevent you from fully accessing the information and services that Bitcoin Evolution provides.

The Type Of Cookies We Use

Bitcoin Evolution makes use of cookies like:

Permanent Cookies

They are also referred to as "persistent cookies." This category of cookies is crucial to the functioning of our website.

Permanent cookies continue working even after the web browser is closed. They cannot be disabled as they collect and store essential information such as login details and passwords, such that you do not have to keep re-entering them on Bitcoin Evolution.

These bits of data work as a response to your request. Permanent cookies are used to;

Session Cookies

They are also referred to as “temporary cookies.” They enable us to acknowledge users and the information provided when they surf through Bitcoin Evolution.

Session cookies only hold onto information about a user’s activity, pending how long they spend on the website. Immediately the web browser is closed, session cookies get disabled.

Third-party Cookies

Third-party cookies are enabled by domains that the user does not directly visit. This occurs when publishers add a third-party element like targeted ads.

We work in tandem with certified third-party platforms to help us improve the performance of our cookies.

They trace the competence of the cookies. The data collected helps us to be informed of your activities on our web page.

However, these third-party cookies are under the authorisation of their issuers. Some of the cookies can be disabled from your browser’s settings.

Bitcoin Evolution collects non-personal data via third-party cookies to;

The Concern About Cookies.

Since permanent cookies store your details permanently, it is customary to be worried about your private information status. At Bitcoin Evolution, we do not divulge your confidential information.

We are transparent in our dealings, which is why we always explain the nature and use of each cookie to you. To that end, we always make the cookies easy to find and understand.

Also, we ensure always to get your consent to store a cookie on your device. Such consent is a categorically specific and informed decision. To keep in line with your consent, you can permanently disable cookies at your discretion and convenience.

How To Manage Cookies

On Bitcoin Evolution, we give you the regulatory right to enable or disable our cookies by altering your browser’s settings to notify you whenever a cookie pops up.

You can also automatically disable all cookies. However, disabling all our cookies can negatively affect your interaction on our website.

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