Privacy Policy

We value Bitcoin Evolution’s users’ privacy. This Privacy Policy will help you understand how personal information is collected and used by those who visit our website or make use of our resources and online services. Bitcoin Evolution’s Policy is intended to ensure that those connected with us and engaging with us to use our services understand our responsibility and promise to meet the existing privacy standards.


The following Privacy Policy is an implementation of administrative stipulations regarding the collection and processing of Personal Data. We shall accumulate and manage data from our users in conformity with this Policy.

Terms Used

In this document, multiple terms like “we” and “us” refer to our website, Bitcoin Evolution, and “you” and other second-person pronouns refer to the user.


You must read and accept the terms in this Privacy Policy, as our service’s use depends on it. Failure to abide by any or the entirety of this document will prevent you from accessing our services.

Your continued use of our website and its subsites will be interpreted as consent to all of our terms and policies. If you disagree, you must discontinue using the Bitcoin Evolution website and services.

Policy Changes

We shall maintain the right to revise our Privacy Policy and any other content on our website as we deem fit, with or without notifying our customers in advance. The onus is on you to regularly update yourself about the modifications on our website.

Contents of the Privacy Policy

Bitcoin Evolution’s Policy will inform you of the following:


In this Bitcoin Evolution Privacy Policy, you will encounter the following legal terms, which are to be interpreted according to the definitions provided below:

Reasons for Data Collection and Processing:

Methods of Data Collection

Bitcoin Evolution only collects the bare minimum of Personal Data that is necessary for the provision of our services and the smooth operation of our website. This limited amount of data is collected from our users in the following manners:

Types of Personal Data Collected

Personally Identifiable Information

To provide you with a service, Bitcoin Evolution will need to gather information from users that is deemed personally identifiable.

It is up to you whether you decide to disclose personally identifiable information to us. But if you elect not to do so, we reserve the right to refuse to register you as a user or provide you with any services.

As a company that offers a service, your information’s privacy and protection are of utmost importance. We will take any sufficient actions to safeguard the integrity of your personally identifiable information.

Bitcoin Evolution may collect and use your personally identifiable personal information to help us with our website’s purpose and ensure our services’ delivery. We may also use this personally identifiable information to notify you of comparable services and potential marketing material.

Examples of personally identifiable information that we may collect consist of your name and financial information. While compiling this information cannot be avoided entirely, we will not exchange or reveal this sensitive information without the user’s explicit permission.

Non-Personally-Identifiable Information

We may have the occasion to collect non-personal anonymous demographic information, such as:

This collection of non-personal, generic information will assist us in providing and maintaining superior quality services. The information that is gathered will not necessarily be used to identify you as a particular user but in conjunction with the data of other users collectively.

This non-personally identifiable information is gathered with the intent of identifying user requirements and needs and will help to improve our services. This information will be automatically collected, and we shall ensure that any general information is stored entirely independently from any personally identifiable information.

This non-personally identifiable information is collected through cookies. Our website uses functional, Google Analytics, and third-party cookies to learn about client preferences and behaviours when browsing Bitcoin Evolution. Please refer to our Cookie Policy if you require more information on how we use cookies and how you can opt out of cookie use, as is your right.

Information Posted on Public Forums and Collected by Third-Party Sites

When you visit our website, there might be an opportunity for you to engage with other users on bulletin boards, chat rooms, and other public forums. Any user who participates in these public forums and other such third-party sites does so at their own risk and is responsible for any information (personal or generic) shared on these forums. There is no obligation for a user to engage or participate in such platforms.

Users are encouraged not to disclose any sensitive personal information on these forums, as we do not hold any accountability for any abuse or misuse of shared knowledge.

If the user enters any information on any third-party sites, then we are not to be held accountable for what is shared. Any information transmitted is done at your own risk, and we advise that you read the Privacy Policy of any third-party sites before doing so.

Exceptions and Limitations

We shall completely comply with reasonable requests from law enforcement investigations related to any activity by the users on the website, as required by law.

We are a legitimate company and will not tolerate or condone any illegal or questionable actions by our users. If you are engaged in fraud or other unlawful activities, you will be automatically exempt from any privacy protection.

The data we collect from you will not be stored for longer than necessary. In fact, Bitcoin Evolution does not store your Personal Data on our own servers. Instead, with your informed consent, we send your data to our third-party broker partners, who act as Data Processors in this case and are responsible for your data. The length of time Bitcoin Evolution may hold onto your information will be dependent on several factors, including but not limited to:

Please be aware that sharing any information online presents an element of risk. We cannot guarantee the safety of your information that is freely shared, collected, and processed. However, we shall undertake due diligence to ensure that your information will only ever be shared with other legitimate operators in the same industry and will be exclusively for the intention of improving our services to you. Users will be notified of any such disclosures and will have the opportunity to opt out without consequence.

Who Has Access to Your Personal Data?

Besides Bitcoin Evolution, there are a number of other entities that may have access to Personal Data we have collected about our users. These parties include:

In cases when a legal authority has contacted us with a request to access your data, we shall carefully examine the request to determine if it is legitimate and if the law requires us to cooperate, or if our cooperation would be a violation of your right to privacy. You will be notified of any such requests, and we shall ask for your consent in cases where your permission is required.

Personal Data Protection

To ensure the safety of your data when browsing our web pages, Bitcoin Evolution follows the most current industry standards for website security.

Furthermore, we guarantee that your Personal Data will only be exposed to the lowest number of Bitcoin Evolution staff required for the fulfilment of our services when you have requested them. All of our employees are bound by strict non-disclosure agreements and will not share your data with unauthorised third parties without your permission.

Data Protection Rights

The GDPR and other similar data protection legislation grant website users the following rights:

Furthermore, clients may also:

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