Terms and Conditions

The following document describes in detail the terms of using the Bitcoin Evolution website and any of its sub-pages. These terms apply to all site users in equal measure without exception.

It is essential to read, understand, and agree with these Terms of Use, which will aid our website’s proper operation. After reading, understanding, and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, users accede and generate a legally binding Agreement to comply with these Terms in their totality.


Scope of the Agreement

The Agreement is an ensuing deed that explains every facet of the legal use of Bitcoin Evolution.

You must bear in mind that the present Agreement is the original policy document for the use of our services. In the event of any dispute between any policy or guarantee and these terms, this Agreement is considered supreme.

Due to the significance of the Agreement, we implore you to examine all parts of this document meticulously before and during the period of your interaction with Bitcoin Evolution.


Bitcoin Evolution shall engage with you in conformity with this Agreement. The use of multiple terms like “we,” “us,” and “our” should be clarified to denote our own company, website, and team, while “you” and other second-person pronouns represent the user.


It is at your discretion to choose whether to use our services or not after you read the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these terms, it implies that you do not have permission to utilise our services freely. However, if you use Bitcoin Evolution, it will be regarded as an affirmation of our terms. If you disagree with any parts of this Agreement, kindly discontinue using our website. Continuing to use Bitcoin Evolution will be interpreted as consent to our Terms and Conditions.

Age Requirements

We plan to adhere to the legal directives on marketing financial services to minors. A minor is a person below the age of 18.

Bitcoin Evolution takes a firm stance against minors accessing our services. Such action is essential because children are bereft of the ability to approve a legal agreement, and thus cannot enter into a contract with Bitcoin Evolution.

We shall not permit the usage of our website to anybody below the minimum legal age in their country of residence, whether that is 18, 21 or otherwise.

Risk Disclaimer


Bitcoin Evolution is not a financial or cryptocurrency broker and does not provide or develop any trading software. The only service we provide to prospective traders is introducing them to third-party brokers with whom we have affiliate partnerships.

When a user registers an account with Bitcoin Evolution, our platform automatically assigns them to one of our partners, who can then contact the client and provide further opportunities for commercial and investment activities. It is at the user’s discretion to decide whether to pursue those opportunities with the broker assigned to them or not. Any trading or other financial services fall outside of the scope of what Bitcoin Evolution does or offers.

Local Regulations and Restrictions

As you use and access our website, be advised that cryptocurrency trading is volatile and risky and not suited for all investors. Before deciding to trade cryptocurrencies or other financial assets, think about your financial goals, level of expertise, and risk tolerance. When you utilise leveraged trading products like CFDs, you risk losing more money than you invest. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom has officially made it illegal to sell cryptocurrency-based CFDs directly, as per PS 20/10. This means that sellers based outside the UK are prohibited from promoting CFDs to UK investors. Similar restrictions may exist in other regions. You recognise that it is your responsibility to make sure that your use of the website complies with any applicable law, rule, or guideline in your jurisdiction. Traders who take advantage of such services do so at their own risk.

Website Content

Any information on the website should not be interpreted as legal or professional advice on how to make a specific decision about cryptocurrency use, investment, or trading. We do not provide legal, financial, or other professional advice. The displayed information is supplied in good faith, but no guarantees or claims are made regarding its accuracy. The website content on Bitcoin Evolution is not intended as investment advice and cannot be used as grounds for making any financial decisions. Furthermore, our company is not responsible for any loss or damages resulting from the use of the information on this website. You may lose your entire capital.

Every trader’s experience is unique. Your results may vary depending on your level of experience, perseverance, and hard work. Before investing any money, make sure you thoroughly analyse the market or seek guidance from a licensed personal account manager.

Affiliate Disclosure

When browsing the Bitcoin Evolution website, you may encounter some affiliate links to third-party products and services we deem could be helpful to our users. Please take note that when you click on the affiliate links within our website, we earn commissions from our affiliate partners. You will NOT incur any additional costs charged by Bitcoin Evolution as a result of using these links. Furthermore, there is no correlation between your trading outcome and our potential commission, and our affiliate partners will compensate us regardless of your trading results.

You are solely responsible for any connection you make to a third-party Website. We accept no responsibility for the content on any third-party site we have hyperlinked to or the links included therein and do not claim to endorse or verify any materials on third-party websites. Any third-party website you visit will have its own terms and conditions as well as privacy policies that you should read and understand before using it.

Description of Bitcoin Evolution’s Services

Bitcoin Evolution is a marketing tool prospective traders can use to be introduced to brokers offering a variety of financial services.

We maintain the elective right to select to whom we will provide broker-matching and other related services.

If you choose to find a financial broker using the Bitcoin Evolution platform, you need to provide correct and detailed information during registration, as it allows us to get vital details that enable us to dispense our services more effectively.

We retain the prerogative to discard some or all of the details you provide as insufficient or imperfect.

After we have connected the client with a third-party broker, we will not accept any form of responsibility for any operations that users undergo with our third-party partners.

Licence Grant

You get a single and finite licence to utilise services on Bitcoin Evolution.

This licence is non-transferable, and we reserve the prerogative to nullify the rights anytime we deem fit. We shall not, however, be obliged to give any explanation for such an act.

This licence does not permit you to use our content for unauthorised commercial activities. Such activities include retrieving, replicating, or copying any information on the website for financial gratification.

This licence does not validate any form of alteration of content on our website.

Proprietary Rights

We maintain ownership of the content on our website. We shall impose copyright and trademark protection over our proprietary content every time.

You shall adhere to our proprietary rights. Any violation of our rights shall be penalised under the relevant laws since it is criminal conduct.

You must also not infringe on the proprietary rights of the owners of any third-party logos and trademarks on our website. Violation of such rights is punishable by law.

You shall agree to dispose of any content you may have acquired in violation of our proprietary rights.

Nevertheless, you are allowed to print out the content on our site for personal use.

Website Interruptions

Despite our commitment to offering reliable marketing services to our users, we cannot guarantee that site visitors will not encounter the occasional error, interruption of access, or other technical issues when browsing Bitcoin Evolution and its subsites.

Sometimes, such technical issues may be due to scheduled maintenance that we conduct in order to improve the quality of our website and services in the future. On other occasions, it may be due to unexpected problems, which we shall attempt to resolve at our earliest convenience.

Though we shall strive to inform you of any upcoming scheduled maintenance and other possible interruptions, this may not always be a possibility, and we reserve the right to carry out such activities without notifying you in advance.

Exclusion of Liability

Bitcoin Evolution shall not be liable for any losses or damages that result, either directly or indirectly, from interruptions in our site’s services or other technical problems on our web pages.

Moreover, we are not responsible for damages or losses due to interruption of services or other technical difficulties you may experience on third-party websites we have hyperlinked to, as we do not own or operate those websites.

Bitcoin Evolution is also not liable for any potential losses or other damages you may suffer due to encountering inaccurate, outdated, incomplete, or otherwise faulty content on our website on any third-party websites we may link to.

Cookies and Bitcoin Evolution

Cookies are small data files composed of letters and numbers stored on your device by your web browser. They are generated upon a user’s initial visit to our website and serve as a unique identifier of your device in the future. Whenever you visit our web page, our website will recognise you and customise the information you see to suit your needs.

Cookies can significantly improve your web browsing experience. Functional cookies make some services, such as remembering login information, available to you, while Google Analytics cookies help us study the technical performance of our website in order to identify areas for improvement in the future. We also permit the deployment of third-party cookies from our partners with the aim of service delivery and improving the browsing experience of our customers.

You shall have the right to accept or refuse the use of our cookies. Refusing our cookies might prevent you from accessing the full spectrum of information and services our website provides and hinder your browsing experience.

You can learn more about cookies, how we use them, and how you can disable them in our dedicated Cookie Policy.

Legal Compliance

Aside from abiding by the Terms and Conditions hereby stipulated, our users also agree to follow all applicable laws in their country of residence. In addition, site users must refrain from using offensive or derogatory speech in communication with Bitcoin Evolution or other users on our site and from posting any offensive or harmful content, including viruses and malware.

If anyone violates these Terms or other laws, we shall take appropriate measures, including notifying the responsible authorities if we suspect a crime may have been committed.

Website Content Changes

Though we aim to keep our users informed about changes coming to the Bitcoin Evolution website, we retain the prerogative to revise these Terms and Conditions and any other of our website content without earlier notification. The changes will be considered in effect as soon as they are published on our website (s).

It is obligatory for you to frequently examine this Agreement and our other legal policies to be conscious of the most current version of our conditions at any given time. If you continue to use our website, we would consider that as consent to our updated site content and all changes made, regardless of whether you are aware of them.


We shall not ascertain that any product or service obtained from us or our third-party partners shall match up to or exceed your expectations.

We do not guarantee that our third-party partner will provide products and services as advertised or that they will be error-free.

You are accountable for your decisions when making use of our services. We shall not be guilty of any form of destruction to your hardware or software that may result from our range of services.

We do not guarantee any form of profit, as trading cryptocurrency and other financial assets is a high-risk activity due to the market’s instability. Invest only funds you can afford to lose, and ensure you do your research before trading.

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