Terms and Conditions

This deed indicates the policy framework for all clients about their acceptable use of Bitcoin Evolution.

It is essential to read, understand and agree with these terms of use, which will aid our website’s proper operation. After reading, understanding, and agreeing to the “Terms and Conditions,” users accede and generate a legally binding “Agreement” to comply with these terms in their totality.

Bitcoin Evolution shall engage with you in conformity with this policy. The use of multiple terms like “we,” “us,” “our” should be clarified to denote our own, while “you” represents the user and are used interchangeably, but the definition is the same.

It is in your discretion to choose to use our service or not after you read the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these terms, it implies that you do not have permission to utilize our services freely. However, if you use Bitcoin Evolution, it will be regarded as an affirmation of our terms.

We retain the prerogative to revise these terms and conditions without earlier notification. It is obligatory for you to frequently examine the terms of use to be conscious of the licensed system at any period in time.


The Agreement is an ensuing deed that explains every facet of the legal use of Bitcoin Evolution.

You must bear in mind that the Agreement is the original policy document for the use of our services. In the event of any dispute between any policy or guarantee and these terms, the latter is supreme.

Due to the significance of the Agreement, we implore you to examine all parts of this document meticulously before and during the period of their interaction.


We plan to adhere to the legal directives on marketing financial services to minors. A minor is a person below the age of 18.

Bitcoin Evolution takes a firm stance against minors accessing our services. Such action is essential because children are bereft of the ability to approve a legal agreement.

We shall not permit the usage of our website to anybody below the minimum age

Description of the Services

Services on Bitcoin Evolution mainly fall under four extensive sections. These are;

Subscription Services

While accessing Bitcoin Evolution, you may be privy to various services that fall under the range of subscription services. To qualify for subscription services, you have to register on Bitcoin Evolution to access these benefits.

Some of the services will necessitate a subscription fee, and some of the subscription content may be promotional

Subscription services provided by a third-party partner will not make us guilty of any offence. We only create a platform to connect our users to brokers that help with their trading operations; we do not guarantee trade success.

You must register with your accurate personal data, as it aids us in ascertaining the specific subscription content for you.

You retain the option of cancelling the subscription services. You can do this by notifying us via our official email support.

We shall not assure you that your trading decisions will guarantee a productive outcome for you, depending on your trading decisions’ subscription content.

You shall accept not to hold us or our third-party accountable for the validity or your incapability to utilize any type of subscription content our website has provided you.

Membership Services

These services are accessible to people who belong to a designated group. Some membership services attract a fee that you would have agreed to on registering.

You shall consent not to hold us accountable for the membership content’s precision should they use it to influence their choice.

Vendor Services

After registering, users can acquire definite vendor services on our website. You shall agree not to hold us accountable for the standard of the output you encounter under any vendor-buyer agreement.


We maintain the elective right to select to whom we will provide cryptocurrency and other related services.

You need to give correct and detailed information during registration, as it allows us to get vital details that enable us to dispense our services more effectively.

We retain the prerogative to discard some or all of the details you give as insufficient or imperfect.

We will not accept any form of responsibility for any operations that users undergo with our third parties.


You get a single and finite license to utilize services on Bitcoin Evolution.

This license is non-transferable, and we reserve the prerogative to nullify the rights anytime we deem fit. We shall not, however, be obliged to give any explanation for such an act.

This license does not permit you to use our content for unauthorized commercial activities. Such activities include retrieving, replicating, or copying any information on the website for financial gratification.

This license does not validate any form of alteration of content on our website.


We maintain proprietary rights to the content on our website. We shall impose copyright and trademark protection over our proprietary content every time.

You shall adhere to our proprietary rights. Any violation of our rights shall be penalized under relevant laws since it is criminal conduct.

You must also not infringe on the proprietary rights of owners of logos and trademarks on our website. Violation of such rights is punishable by law.

You shall agree to get rid of any content they possess that we alert them of, which may be due to a violation of our proprietary rights.


We shall not ascertain that any product or service obtained from us or our third-party shall match up to or exceed your expectations.

We do not guarantee that our third party will provide products and services as advertised or that they will be error-free.

You are accountable for your decisions when making use of our services. We shall not be guilty of any form of destruction to your computer codes that may result from our range.

We do not guarantee any form of profit, as trading in cryptocurrency is a high-risk activity due to the market’s instability. Invest only funds you won’t bat an eyelid at losing and ensure you do your research before trading.


The privacy policy is an implementation of administrative stipulations on notifying users about the operation of personal data. We shall cumulate and operate data from our users in conformity with this policy.

In this document, multiple terms like “we” and “us” refer to our website, Bitcoin Evolution, and “you” refer to the user and may be used interchangeably, but they have the same meaning.

You must read and accept the terms in this Privacy Policy, as our service’s use depends on it. Failure to abide by any or the entirety of the policy document prevents you from accessing our services.

We shall maintain the right to revise our Privacy Policy as we deem fit. The onus is on you to constantly update yourself about the modifications on our website.


We are thankful for the trust you have displayed in us over securing your privacy by handling your data. This cookie policy summarizes our cookie collection pattern.

You are supposed to read, assimilate and agree to this policy for seamless use of Bitcoin Evolution. The Cookie Policy outlines how we accumulate this data, how we operate it, and how it influences your experience with us.

There will be switchable use of multiple terms like "our," "we," "us" instead of our website, and we regard our users as "you."

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files - like letters and numbers stored on your device by your web browser while surfing through our website.

Data saved in a cookie is generated by the server as soon as you connect. The data is a peculiar ID that represents you as a user. Whenever you visit us, our website will recognize you and customize the information you see to suit your needs.

Cookies improve your web browsing experience by making it hitch-free. We permit the deployment of third-party cookies from accredited parties that we work in tandem with service delivery.

Continuous use of our services is an insinuated consensus on your part that you have reviewed our cookie policy and are satisfied.

You shall have the right to accept or refuse the use of our cookies. Refusing our cookies might prevent you from fully accessing the information and services our website provides.